Truth and Reconciliation Philosophy

I believe it is important to create a friendship and come together as a community. I think creating a community and coming together, is the first step to working towards reconciliation.

I believe that every student in my classroom matters.

I believe in teaching my students about the history of Canada. Students are unable to learn and work towards truth and reconciliation if we as educators do not provide them with the proper education and knowledge to do so.

I believe that bringing in Elders is a great way to incorporate Indigenous ways of knowing into the classroom. Having Elders in the classroom help students understand the experience many Indigenous people have grown through and allows the students to learn about Indigenous culture.

I believe taking students to different functions to learn about residential schools and understand the importance of truth and reconciliation. Treaty 4 gathering and the Regina pow wow are a great experience for students and something that all educators should take their students to. Learning from the land is beneficial for the students rather than learning from a textbook.

In school, I was never taught about residential schools, Indigenous people, or any form of Treaty education at that matter. It was not until I came to the University of Regina that I heard about residential schools or the importance of Treaty education. I will take my experience of not learning and my frustration I feel knowing all that I missed out on learning, and use that to teach my students the importance of treaty education. I have begun to think about different ways I can bring Treaty Education in my pre-internship class, so I am able to gain some experience and insightful feedback from my cooperating teacher on how the lesson went and anything I am able to change.

I believe Treaty education is incredibly important and do believe that it should be integrated into every subject and not placed in the corner by itself, difficult for pre-service teachers and teachers to find.

During the Treaty Ed camp, I attended both the pre-conference Friday night and the all-day camp on Saturday. I found this camp so insightful and received so many great resources and ideas that I can use inside my classroom. One thing that stood out to me and that I believe is important for everyone to recognize is what Ryan McMahon said, which was that we will never be able to fully have reconciliation if not all of us walk together towards it. Ryan said to us that the people who have a strong heart/opinion walk in the front of the group, while everyone else falls behind. If throughout the walk, the ones who were strong hearted stop feeling so strongly will still stay in the line but instead let someone else take the lead. We all need to work together, and this is something I try every day, talking to my family and friends and educating them on the importance of Truth and Reconciliation.