Teaching Philosophy

Throughout my ongoing journey in the elementary education program, I have started to develop my teaching philosophy and my idea of being an educator. When I started thinking about my teaching philosophy, I started to look back on my own education experience and reflecting on the teachers that I enjoyed having and wanted to teach like. I went into education because I have always had a passion for working with children; my ultimate goal is to see the students smile once they have solved that difficult problem or learned something new. My teaching philosophy is based on what my teaching will be like. Since I am only going into my 3rd year, I am just starting to create my teaching philosophy, which I know, I will continue to add to as I move forward in my degree and find more ways that fit with what I believe in.

When I teach students, I will use different strategies so that all students are able to learn. As well,  I will create many different opportunities for the students to explore and learn on their own. I am a firm believer of following the curriculum but also allowing the students to make decisions on their own learning. Once students can pick what they will learn, I feel they will become more intrigued by the topic at hand.  I want my students to learn through their own experiences and through play. I do not think it is an effective way to teach students by having them sit at their desks all day and listen to me talk. I want my students to be up and about exploring the material that is placed around the classroom.

In my classroom,  I wish to have experiential workshops set up around the classroom for the students to go explore. As the teacher, I do plan on giving them some guidance which is what Montessori believed in but also to allow them to learn through play which allows them to be creative and also to use their imagination. I have found two theorists that fit well with my teaching philosophy which are Maria Montessori and John Dewey. Since both of these theorists believe that students learn by doing hands-on exploring, students will learn more effectively when they are able to explore and play.

I want my students to succeed, which is why I will create many different learning opportunities throughout the class. Every student learns, at their own pace, I will need to help build my students’ knowledge and help them with their exploration throughout the classroom. Children are very independent which is why I want to give them as much space as they need to explore the world around them.

Self-directed learning is something that I hope, to incorporate into my classroom as well, students sometimes are able to learn more from their own experiences than I can ever teach them. I will guide my students, but also give them the opportunity to explore on their own.

Dewey was focused on giving children freedom, which is something that I want to incorporate into the classroom. Students learn better through hands-on learning with their peers and the materials/environment that is around them. Students gain a better knowledge, through the interaction with others, it seems that they will take suggestions from their own peers rather than their teacher because when the teacher suggests something they would find that the teacher is bossing them around.

I will always have the best interest, of the students, I will give them all the knowledge I have to allow them to flourish. I am moulding the students to who they will be in the future, so I want to be the best role model I can.