Relationship Philosophy

I believe that having a relationship is the key to a successful classroom. Without a relationship with students there becomes no trust, and with no trust comes a difficult environment to teach in. It is important to gain an understanding of who my students are early on in the year so I can create the best lesson plans that suit them all. Two philosophers that I found relate to my philosophy are, John Jacques Rousseau and John Dewey, both have been the guiding minds of progressivism, both believed in student-centred philosophies which focus more training to individual students. I will use strategies that help each individual student compared to the whole class of students.

I believe students should have a choice in what they learn because by giving them the opportunity to have a choice, they will become more eager to learn and excited to learn about things they are actually interested in.

I believe that all students deserve to have a say in the classroom. I think it is important as a class to create “classroom rules,” “we believe,” or a “classroom treaty” so that all students feel like they have helped out and when students feel they have helped they will follow these statements that were created altogether.

I will greet every student at the door for the beginning of the day, after all, recesses, the lunch break, and goodbyes at the end of the day to each student. I think this is a great way to create a relationship with all students.

I believe in creating a sense of community in the classroom, so all students and parents feel welcome. I will have an open-door policy where parents can come in whenever they want to come.

I believe that all students are capable and able to do anything. We need to find the strengths in students and work with that. I do not find it beneficial for the students if you look at what they cannot do. I have learned through my ECS 311 class how important finding the strength of students is compared to the weaknesses.

I believe that all students deserve to be loved. Sometimes a teacher may be the only positive role model a student may have in their lives so we as pre-service teachers need to recognize that and work towards creating a loving classroom and what we can do to create this and show that we love our students.

I believe it is important to not only build relationships with the students and their family, but also with other educators in the school and the administrators.

I believe in using all students within the classroom, our students are the greatest resources we have. It is important to bring all culture into the class and have every student feel welcome. I love the idea of having a map and pins located everywhere that indicates where every student is from.

By creating an open-door classroom and having all students feel like they belong and are loved will help build a relationship with everyone. Every student deserves to be loved and cared for, the teachers are there to help build knowledge for students but also to be another positive role model in the students’ lives.