Professional Field Experience

Field Blog

“I am fortunate enough to have been placed into the S.L.C classroom and have the opportunity to work with these students.”

“Seeing all the students smiling faces that day just made it even more clear to me that this is the work I want to do and I can’t wait to be teaching and being part of the reason these students smile every day.”

“It showed me how Mrs. Jackson taught her students how to read, the students did not just get told what the word was when they did not get it; they were taught to sound it out and figure it out and if not than ask”

“Teachers are able to honour different ways of teaching by building relationships with the students and getting to know what works for each individual and changing the ways of explaining depending on what the individual needs”

“As educators, we need to learn more about cultures and the student’s backgrounds that are within the classroom and school. Once as teachers we know about different cultures and our students backgrounds we can start to incorporate their cultures into the learning, making all of the students feeling welcome.”

“One thing I really enjoyed about the class is they are graded every hour so even if they have a bad hour it is not going to ruin their day on the grading assessment and can improve and end up having a good day.”

“It was a great afternoon and I loved spending time with the students and getting to know them and see what it was like to be an educator in a Kindergarten classroom.”

Synthesis of Field Experience: 

It is sad that the last week has come for our field experience, I enjoyed going into the classroom every week and getting the feel of what it is like to be in the classroom and being a teacher. Since this field experience happens in the first year of education it allows us to see whether or not this is the career path we are wanting and I can say this is exactly where I want to be and the path I am going to be the happiest with. I had teachers comment about how happy I looked when working with the children and how it was clear this was a great path for me. I learnt a lot about many different teaching styles for every grade. Being able to observe many grade levels has helped me discover what age group I would like to teach and teaching techniques I will need to use when teaching these grades.

I loved spending my time in the S.L.C classroom and getting to know each of the students; they each have such different personalities and ways of learning and it showed me that when I am a teacher the importance to recognize the different learning styles and teaching techniques needed to give the student the best possible outcome. But as much as I loved working with the S.L.C students, my heart melted when observing the Kindergarten classroom. Whenever someone asks what grade I would like to teach I always tell them “Pre-K or Kindergarten” and after being in the Kindergarten class I can say I know for sure that working in either of these class rooms is what I would love to do. They loved having us in the classroom, helping out and all the students wanted to work with us. It felt great being in a classroom and helping out and just seeing what it was like being a teacher. It was very different observing the S.L.C classroom to the Kindergarten or Grade 1/2, 2/3 because there were only 4-5 students on average in the S.L.C classroom compared to 20-25 students in the other classrooms.

It was a great experience being in a classroom with just a few students and classrooms with lots of students, it gave different ideas on what to do when having different numbers of students and how to occupy time when in bigger classrooms. Time management is key when in big classrooms because there is usually only one of you to 20-25 students and each of them needs your help at one point throughout the school year. Always making sure you explain the task so each student understands and explain in different ways in case a student is too afraid to say they don’t understand the first way and pretends they know. In conclusion, I can’t wait to keep pursing my passion for education and become an educator. I always say “I love seeing that smile on a child’s face when they figure out a problem” and that’s exactly what I want when becoming a teacher to always have the students smile and be happy coming to school and learning.

My three goals that I will stick to when going forward with my education and when I become an educator is:

1) Keep calm meaning never let something little get me upset. Always stay calm in difficult situations because when you freak out the situation is only made worse. When a teacher stay calm is the best way to solve problems because its not going to go over well if a teacher starts freaking out on a student.

2) Always believe in the good of others. Never judge someone and if someone seems like they don’t know something try explaining a different way. Every child has good sometimes it just takes some time to find it but once you do it will make them feel great.

3) Never give up even when things seem tough. The first year from the sounds of it is going to be tough but I set the goal to never give up no matter what. I may want to cry and I may want to give up but going into the classroom everyday and seeing the smiling faces of the students will make everything better.