RSS Readers

This week we looked at RSS reader accounts. I signed up for Feedly and Inoreader to bring in different articles that will help expand my knowledge and help me share new ideas with my preservice teacher friends! I wish I would have known about these different apps previously but I am glad to be learning about them now that I can use in the next two years of my education.

On Feedly I followed different blogs to read and broke them into two categories – Edtech, Education, and Special Education. I chose Education Technology because society and schools are moving more to being paperless so it was a no brainer that I wanted to follow as many technology blogs I can to help expand my knowledge in technology and give me ideas that I can use in my Pre-Intern and my Internship. I chose Education as my second option because I think it is also useful to have nontechnology articles and I will be able to get different insights and ideas from these articles. Lastly, I chose special education because that is something I have always been passionate about and in the future, I hope to teach in a special education classroom or have an inclusive classroom with varying abilities so these articles will help me in the future. As well over the summer I am working with a young adult with Down Syndrome and a young child with Autism so these articles can help me create different activities I can use that will intrigue them to want to do different things.

On Inoreader I also have three different categories – news on Canada, education, and tech news. Similar to why I chose education and tech for Feedly apply to why I chose it for Inoreader. I want to expand my knowledge in education and technology so I feel ready for Pre-Intern and Internship. I chose news on Canada because I think it is also important to be aware of my surroundings and what is going on in the country I live so why not follow articles based on that! I will get to learn about things going on in Canada and I can use this category when I am teaching and we are learning about the news I can pull up these articles.


ASL Learning Project

For my learning project, I have decided to learn ASL (American Sign Language). I have friends who have taken this class and talked about the learning project they were doing. I thought it was so cool that they were able to pick something and learn it. So, I have been thinking for quite a while about what I wanted to do and it just clicked that learning ASL would be perfect. I love to binge watch television shows and last summer I watched Switched at Birth (Taken May 14th, 2018 but may be changed due to Wikipedia) and was so intrigued by the sign language and the deaf community. However, it never occurred to me that it would be important to know sign language until I was subbing as an EA and was asked if I knew sign language because one of the children I would be working with was deaf. After that day, I knew I wanted to take EDTC 300 and for my learning project learn ASL. I believe this will benefit me as a future educator since I will be able to communicate with my students who may be deaf. As well, I find ASL so interesting that I would love to learn this new language. I have no experience in ASL so I am going in excited to learn something I have never learned before!

A picture of each sign for the alphabet
anathea Flickr via Compfight cc

To start I am going to learn the basics – ABCs. After learning the alphabet, I want to go onto learning some basic every day words that are commonly used and eventually move to not so common words that could still come up when communicating. At the end of the semester I hope to finish with signing a song. But if not, I will create a brief conversation that I will sign. I plan to use YouTube, ASL websites to help me learn, and connect with ASL users over Twitter to help with learning and correcting my mistakes I may make along the way. I will record myself and post onto my blog so everyone can follow my progress and journey. I am really looking forward to learn ASL and seeing where I will be at the end of the semester.

Who am I?

My name is Danielle Kelln and I am currently wrapping up my year two in the PreK-5 education program. After high school, I went to the states for school but with my dad becoming sick I decided it was best to come home and be with him and my family. From my year in the states I was able to receive transfer credits which is why I am taking EDTC 300 before my pre-internship. I will be able to graduate after internship in Fall 2019. I have some experience in a classroom and working with children. I had a field experience at Ruth Pawson school for ECS 100, Dr. Hanna school for ELNG 200, and Circle Project Children’s Centre for ECE 200. I am currently a casual educational assistant for Prairie Valley School Division and work at Sandcastles Childcare for the summer. I have gained so much knowledge throughout my schooling, my experiences, and working. I have learned that every student is different and deserves to learn the way that works best for them. I believe this is something important and for many student’s technology is a way that helps them best to learn so I am hoping with this class I will be able to gain new ideas to help my students learn!

I have done some blogging throughout my studies but have not found an interest in it. I am really looking forward to our learning project and blogging my progress; I hope this may interest me in blogging more because even though it is for a grade I am able to do something I have always been interesting in. I do have a Twitter account but as we talked about in class I would consider myself a lurker because I rarely post anything. Hopefully throughout this class I will get more used to Twitter that I will become more active online. I really hope this class will teach me different ways I can create a positive digital identity for myself. I can not wait to see where this class takes me!