About Me

I am Danielle Kelln and I was born and raised in Regina Saskatchewan. I am currently attending the University of Regina in the PreK-5 program to achieve my dreams of becoming a teacher. I graduated in 2014 from Thom Collegiate.   After high school, I went down to the states for school but with my dad becoming sick I decided it was best to come home and be with him and my family. I knew when I came home I still wanted to go into a profession where I would be working with children and it just clicked that becoming a teacher was a perfect fit for me.

I have some experience in a classroom and working with children. I had a field experience at Ruth Pawson school for ECS 100, Dr. Hanna school for ELNG 200, and Circle Project Children’s Centre for ECE 200. I am currently a casual educational assistant for Prairie Valley School Division and a support worker for a young adult with Down Syndrome. I have also done a lot of volunteering with different organizations throughout Regina such as Astonished!, a swim coach with Special Olympics, helping a young girl with Cerebral Palsy at lunches during the school year, and a recreation assistant at William Booth Special Care Home. This past summer (2018) I worked at Sandcastles Childcare as a level II teacher. I have a passion for helping others and every day it just becomes more clear that this is the profession that is best suited for me. I am currently placed in a Kindergarten class for my pre-internship.

I am in my third year in the Education program. Once I graduate I plan on taking another year and gaining my certificate in Inclusive Education. I have found the love of working with younger kids and hope that once I graduate I will be teaching the little ones or fortunate enough to be placed into a special education class. From my education classes to working with young children and adults that vary in abilities I have found the love for helping others and can not wait to see where my journey takes me.

I have gained so much knowledge throughout my schooling, my experiences, and working. I have learned that every student is different and deserves to learn the way that works best for them. I believe this is something important and for many student’s technology is a way that helps them best to learn so I am hoping with this class I will be able to gain new ideas to help my students learn!