Contributing to Others

On the first day of class, we were all warned that we would have to create a blog post on the contribution to our fellow classmates. I feel for many of us we were contributing but not documenting when we did. This was the case for me, I was contributing to many of my classmates throughout the semester on our Google+ Community, Twitter, through blogging, and our class lectures on Zoom, but I completely forgot while I was doing all of this to screenshot what I was doing so when this blog came around I had everything in order. So after class when Katia reminded us I hurried throughout all of these places to screenshot all that I have contributed to my classmates. I have really learned a lot throughout this class, thanks to Katia and my other EDTC learners. I would not have been able to learn all that I have without the help from everyone in the class and I want to highlight where I have contributed to the learner of others!

Google+ Community 

In the Google+ community, this is where anyone who was asking a question could ask and where we could give our feedback and answers. I commented on many of my classmates’ discussion posts when I could answer or where I was able to give my insight/feedback. When I first created my about page I wanted to ensure that it looked professional so I reached out to my EDTC classmates to get their insight and when my classmates did the same I would let them know how I thought their WordPress was looking. I always tried to answer questions when someone had one, or encourage anyone who posted on Google+ that they were doing a great job 🙂






Another huge part of this class was Twitter, and building my Personal Learning Network. While I was building my own PLN, I was also contributing to their PLN. We were given the task to Tweet at least twice a day – the first sharing a resource with my fellow classmates and the second is replying to someone’s Tweet. I shared many resources throughout the semester and replied and commented to many of my classmates. I felt I was contributing to my classmates learning because I would be sharing resources that I found would benefit us all as pre-service teachers. Also, I would reply and encourage their learning, and I also participated in different educational chats throughout the semester where I used our class hashtag #edtc300  to allow my classmates to see what I was up too. When participating in different chats over Twitter, I noticed many of my other classmates were there too, which is where I could contribute to their learning throughout these chats as well. I also retweeted many helpful tips and resources others shared so my classmates could see them as well. I was also able to get advice, ask questions, and got replies from teachers around the world and with retweeting I allowed my fellow classmates to learn from these replies.


Throughout my blogging, I contributed to my classmates learning by commenting on their posts of encouragement and questions. I have gone through and picked the comments that I believe have contributed to the learning for my classmates. I would go through our Voices of EDTC300 and look through the different posts that my classmates created and where I would comment and contribute to their learning. I tried to motivate my classmates as much as I could because I know for myself the nice comments that I would receive motivated me to do more with my learning and to continue with my learning.

Overall, I really enjoyed my EDTC 300 experience. I learned a lot about technology and even where I am with my knowledge of technology and where I want to be when I am in a classroom.  I always helped my classmates whenever I could and encouraged them throughout their learning projects. I truly have loved my experience during EDTC 300 and I am grateful for all that I have learned, being able to contribute to my classmates learning, and my classmates contributing to my own learning.


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