I Can Finally Code!!

This week I was able to experience my first ever coding, I learned through and completed an hour on One Hour Code. Of course, when I logged and saw that I could code Frozen, it was a no-brainer what I was going to pick! So off I started with level 1, I was able to figure out the first few levels, but once they began to get harder and more complicated there were times I was frustrated and just wanted to give up!! But I worked through it and ended up completing my hour.

One Hour Code is created for beginners to learn how to code. I found the website to be easy to navigate through and was both helpful and fun. I think when teaching students to code, this is a great resource to use to get them coding.

I decided to go with the blocks to code for my first time compared to using JavaScript, but once you have completed a level, you can look at the JavaScript and see the coding you created.

There were a few times throughout my coding that I struggled and was confused as to what I was supposed to do. This is a beginner level coding so it is a bit easier and I was struggling I cannot imagine trying to code something in JavaScript! However, with practice and continuing the tutorials I hope to be able to code in JavaScript soon.

Level 20 was so much fun! I was able to create my own coding without following any instructions. I can see kids having a blast with this level since each student can create something unique that they are able to show off to their classmates. I recommend to any teacher that is wanting to teach their students code, to use this website. It is so much fun, easy to follow along and use, and the tutorials are things that students know and have seen!

Once I was done my Frozen tutorial, I received a certificate to show off the completion of my hour of coding. It was nice to receive something to show my hard work, students will go crazy over receiving a certificate, that they will instantly show their parents once they get home! I really enjoyed this experience and will definitely be using this website in my classroom someday!


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