Hello, what’s up?

This week I branched off and learned universal gestures and greetings. I am happy that I am starting to get the muscle memory of using my fingers which has made this week a little easier to learn. However, there was still some words that were difficult to sign. Signing walk I found it hard to get my fingers to move the way I wanted to, it took a lot of practice to achieve being able to do it.

I have been dedicated to using the ASL App to help me through my journey of learning ASL. For anyone wanting to learn ASL, I recommend downloading this app. I have gone through every section expect the basics which I will be learning next week. As I continue to use this app, I understand why Twitter and Google both suggest using the ASL App. The app does help out learners since they can watch the videos as many times as needed, slow down the video to learn, and can decide how many words to learn at a time.

I also ventured out and looked into other apps that I could use to learn ASL. I found two apps – SignSchool and ASL Kids. I did play around with ASL Kids app to see what it was like, but I did not take any learning from it. However, when having a classroom, I will use this app because it is so easy to navigate and it allows children to learn sign as well. There is a section called play, where students can watch a child sign and after they have to pick what sign it is. This is great for memory because it not only helps out myself and students to have a conversation in ASL but also understand what someone is signing to us. The only downfall to this app is, you only get so many words to learn in sign language and have to pay $2.79 to add 87 more words. Even though some people will not want to pay to have this app, if there was a student in the classroom that needed ASL buying signing words that everyone can learn will help that student out, as well educate the other students in the class to learning another language.

I found SignSchool to be easy to navigate throughout. The app gives a sign of the day, and three tools to pick from the dictionary, letters and numbers, and topics. Within each of these tools, there is a bunch of options to pick from which is really helpful for people who are wanting to learn. For this learning project, I learned from greetings which I found under topics.  I enjoyed this app because once I was done learning the signs there is a review option I can choose and it showed me a sign and options to pick as to what sign it was. Again, this helps out with not only knowing how to sign but also to recognize others signing.

At the end of my video, I learned yes and no from the YouTube video 25 basic ASL Signs for Beginners | Learn ASL American Sign Language. I realized many of the other parts of this video geared towards having a conversation and overlaps with the basics in the ASL App. So, I will use the rest of this YouTube video and the ASL App to learn the basics/ conversation starters next week for my learning project.

Overall, I have enjoyed learning ASL, expanding my knowledge, and learning another language. Once I am done EDTC 300 I know my learning is not done so I will continue to learn ASL.


4 thoughts on “Hello, what’s up?

  1. Kelsey Middagh says:

    Hi Danielle! You’re doing an awesome job with sign language. This will truly benefit you in the long run especially with your plan to work with special education students. I never realized how much of our gestures were adapted from sign language! Like the picture taking or phone call one. When someone is across the room from me, I always do this. I guess I unknowingly know some sign language? Goes to show how big of an impact sign language has on our society. I hope to also learn it someday soon.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. antheaholczer says:

    Hi Danielle,
    Love all the screen shots, photo’s and video’s in your post this week. Your movie was great, who’d of thought that Yes and No would be so different? I thought you’d be nodding and shaking your head, so I’ve learned something today too. This is great, thanks.


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