Who am I?

My name is Danielle Kelln and I am currently wrapping up my year two in the PreK-5 education program. After high school, I went to the states for school but with my dad becoming sick I decided it was best to come home and be with him and my family. From my year in the states I was able to receive transfer credits which is why I am taking EDTC 300 before my pre-internship. I will be able to graduate after internship in Fall 2019. I have some experience in a classroom and working with children. I had a field experience at Ruth Pawson school for ECS 100, Dr. Hanna school for ELNG 200, and Circle Project Children’s Centre for ECE 200. I am currently a casual educational assistant for Prairie Valley School Division and work at Sandcastles Childcare for the summer. I have gained so much knowledge throughout my schooling, my experiences, and working. I have learned that every student is different and deserves to learn the way that works best for them. I believe this is something important and for many student’s technology is a way that helps them best to learn so I am hoping with this class I will be able to gain new ideas to help my students learn!

I have done some blogging throughout my studies but have not found an interest in it. I am really looking forward to our learning project and blogging my progress; I hope this may interest me in blogging more because even though it is for a grade I am able to do something I have always been interesting in. I do have a Twitter account but as we talked about in class I would consider myself a lurker because I rarely post anything. Hopefully throughout this class I will get more used to Twitter that I will become more active online. I really hope this class will teach me different ways I can create a positive digital identity for myself. I can not wait to see where this class takes me!