ECS 210 Final Thoughts

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Principals In The School

During this week in lecture we focused on principals and their roles in the school.

3 things I learned

 One thing I learned was all the jobs that a principal is in charge of doing. I knew they had a big job, but to see their job is “planning, implementing, advocating, supporting, communicating and monitoring curriculum, instruction and improvement planning” (McGowan, S., 2018, s. 7). They are a critical piece to have in the school if they were not there it seems that the school would be unable to function because of all the jobs that they do. They create a supportive environment for everyone which is why they are so important in the schools.

Another thing I learned was if detention for students is really helpful or not. I found it interesting hearing my professors thoughts on this. Joy said how it was hard to give detention, but as everyone got deeper in conversation I learned that it was more a punishment on the teacher and the students who never do get detention. We discussed how every student deserves that one on one time with the teacher but if they do not get detention they will never be able to get that which can harm them as well. I never thought about detention as something that would harm students who do not get it over the students who do get it.

Lastly, I learned that the principals use a research-based framework when they go into the classroom and observe the teachers, engage in the cycle of inquiry, and plan for on-going and effective coaching and professional development for all. I did not realize all the work that a principal does when observing the teachers in the school, but as I learned in lecture they do a lot.

2 connections I made

 The first connection I made was during the turn and talk and me and my peers talked about the good quality our principals had. We discussed how we had some bad principals who did not care about the school or students and made the environment feel unsafe and made us feel like we did not want to do to school anymore. But we also had teachers who were great and wanted all of us to achieve to the best of our abilities and did everything they could to help us get there. We all said when we get out into the field that we all hope to have a principal that cares about the students, staff, and community and does everything they can for the school. I had a principal who did everything they could to make themselves known around the school and to know every student as well. They would “pop in” just to say hello and ask how everyone’s day is. But I also had a principal that would not bother to know the students and would yell at staff members and made the school feel like a different atmosphere.

Another connection I made was how the role of the principal is always changing and how complex their role is. Back when I was in school I had teachers who just enforced the rules and others who enforced the rules but were also approachable. This principal who were approachable were seen as the good principal because they made sure “the needs of students, teachers, and the school” (s.8) are met inside the school. They have a complex role in the school but they go day by day and change when needed to fit the school community the best.

1 Question I still have

 One question I still have is how will the principal’s roles look in 5-10 years? With schools always changing and more people moving to Regina will their roles need to change to meet the needs of the demand of more students coming into their school?